Our Process

We take you through the creative process

Meeting and Planning

  • Clarify your vision, strategies, goals and values
  • Research stakeholders' needs and perceptions
  • Interview key management
  • Conduct an internal and competitive audit
  • Evaluate existing brands and brand architecture

Designing and Developing

  • Careful planning of impementation approach
  • Project timeline and scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Gather all materials needed production

Testing & Deploying

  • Project build-up and deployment
  • Actual implementation to target deployment
  • Ensuring deliverability
  • Reaching target audience

Maintaining and Updating

  • Build synergy around the new brand
  • Develop launch strategy and plan
  • Launch internally first
  • Develop standards and guidelines
  • Nurture brand champions

We create lasting impressions for new and existing brands

Lagos, Nigeria

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